January Motivation

If you run or walk, or want to get started, read on…

I first had this idea pop into my head in October and had intended to write it then with opening line: “I know it’s October and not January but……”
So here we are in December and I’m only just putting pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard. This actually illustrates how easy it is not to do what you intend to and wait until a later date. I will now begin with only the month changed and with determination to follow this through. So here goes…

I know it’s December and not January but I want you to start thinking.

Life has changed, initially we all found new ways to be motivated – this especially applied to our fitness regimes. We launched ourselves with great enthusiasm outdoors for an hour. Walking, running and activities with the kids. People discovering what was right on their doorstep for the first time. We were lucky as, for the most part, the sun shone.

Some signed up for online classes with great enthusiasm: Zoom, Facebook, You Tube. Though others did not. Then there was the horrible feeling of being overwhelmed with the frantic desire to use our new found time to get fit or learn something new. The anxiety of failure because you didn’t make sourdough, run 5 miles, swing some kettle bells and learn a foreign language all by 9am! This happened to me, instead of filling my time studying and running I just wanted to potter with my plants. Motivating yourself is one of the most difficult things to do. (Mind you I have discovered a real love of growing things).

The new norm they say. How do we continue, especially going into the winter, to motivate ourselves and others, to find some of that initial enthusiasm? We are living in various hybrid forms of lockdown and tier restrictions. Schools and colleges go back only to be closed. Gyms reopen and are again shut down. Pubs and restaurants open, then shut.
How do we plan our lives let alone our fitness?

Working as an instructor I have experienced first-hand, motivating others but not motivating myself. Sometimes I feel adrift so this idea is as much about keeping me going as well as you.

So here is the nugget of a plan. We make a pledge to try and make ourselves accountable to each other. I personally don’t think January resolutions work, especially not in the short term and especially not in this current time. But the only thing we really have any control over is ourselves, how we apply it and the support we get is crucial to the outcome.

January often means giving up the things that usually make us happy and comforted in the darkest, coldest month of the year. Instead, it makes us miserable and craving those comforts even more. Is this really a sensible way to get fit and healthy? Enjoying movement and making better choices, being supported is surely a better option.

So, lets add too, not takeaway.

I’m just sowing a seed, including you in some thoughts running around my brain.

Do you run? Walk? But find it hard on your own? Do you want to improve, get stronger be supported?

3 months together to a fitter motivated us.



March Forward

3 Months £30 that’s all

I’ll donate £2 from everyone that signs up, to The Drew Barker Wright Charity.

The payment is your commitment to start and mine to follow through.

All exercise is designed to make you a stronger Runner and Walker.


1 online fitness class per week. (recorded)
Running/walking challenges weekly
Live running/walking sessions monthly
Zoom chats and live Facebook sessions to support each other.
Each participant gets a resistance band.
Closed private Facebook group.

What do you think, has this nugget of an idea got legs?
Shall I run with it?
Or just walk off and forget it?

Who’s in?

Remember, fitness is for life not just for January!




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This blog post was written by Jo Lord.

Jo is .. 2 sentence bio. Learn more about Jo on her about page (link to here)

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